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The “Likani Palace” Hotel is in the famous resort of Likani which makes the Borjomi resorts group. The group is in the Borjomi – Kharagouli National Park. The complex is at the distance of 200 meters from the governmental residence and at 200 meters distance from the balneological medical block where it is possible to attend medicinal procedures.
There are eleven rooms in the hotel.
Two of the rooms are de luxe (double type) able to host 4 persons at a time.
Two rooms - for two persons each.
Two rooms - with beds of one and a half.
Five - for three persons each.

There are the following facilities in each room: a mini bar, TV-set, cable programs, individual shower/bath rooms, and electronic safe.
The hotel is provided with a training room with a massage arm-chair in it.
There is a conference room for 40 persons.
There is a restaurant in the complex for 200 seats with a VIP zone. Two bars. A fire-piece. Wi-Fi.
The hotel has a large garden and a parking site.
The hotel administration arranges tours to: Borjomi, the Tabatckuri Lake, Bakuriani, Vardzia and other cultural and historical places.
The hotel offers organization of wedding ceremonies.

De luxe – 200 USD
For two – 100 USD
Rooms with beds of one and a half beds – 60 USD
For three – 150 USD
Consequently 50 USD per person for three meals a day.
You can order an individual menu at your choice.
Payment possible in national currency cash, plastic cards and transfers accepted as well.
Prices may be subject to correction.

Mob: +995 599 93 94 13
+995 557 99 99 18
Tel:+995 267 2 42 49
Tel: 995 267 2 20 77

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